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About Bismarck Stump Removal

Bismarck Stump Removal is a full service tree stump removal service specializing in hard-to-get-to areas like a fenced back yard. Our powerful portable 36 horsepower Carlton machine will fit through a standard 36″ gate. Bismarck Tree Stump Removal uses only the Dura Disk grinding wheel which pulverizes your stump into easy to clean up mulch. We also offer a service to clean up the tree stump cuttings and fill the hole with black dirt.

The Grinder

Our stump grinder can work fit into the tightest of areas. It is self propelled, which allows us to easily access to your yard and prevents creating tracks or other lawn damage.

Services we offer

Tree Stump Grinding

Bismarck Stump Removal uses the dura disk grinder wheel that pulverizes your stump into easy to clean up mulch.

Mulch Clean up

Bismarck Stump Removal can cleanup your mulch and back fill the hole.

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